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26 September 2018



In some parts of India, you will spot stacks of egg cartons at the stalls of street vendors, denoting they are making one or many types of egg-based dishes. There are spicy scrambles, sandwiches, pancakes, or simple hard-boiled eggs dressed up with various things. It seems to be these vendors that the creators of EggMania missed from their lives in India, and thus a restaurant was born focusing almost entirely on the types of quick egg meals cooked on the streets.

On this day, the walk from the PATH station was full of glimpses of TVs showing the same cricket match. It seemed like everyone was involved in something very important, including EggMania which had the sound on. It turned out just to be a common friendly match between India and Afghanistan, but a national passion is a national passion.

The interior is painted with one bold color, what could be described as "yolk yellow." Otherwise, things are pretty bare and the only focus is the menu made up by three televisions and a long list of egg options. The people in the kitchen and all the customers seem to be a younger generation than your standard Indian restaurants around town.

Fans of hard-boiled eggs might want to order the boil fry ($4.49, above), eggs topped with masala spicing and sauce. For another dollar, some shredded cheese can be added. Please note that only a few items have chili peppers next to them on the menu, denoting a spicy dish, but some things like this that do not are still quite full of kick.

One of the feature items seems to be the volcano biryani ($9.99, below), the popular rice dish that has been cooked full of egg and topped with a spicy gravy that warrants it one of those chili peppers on the menu and does get hot. Shredded white cheese is added to the top and makes the whole mix quite melty and fun.

Bombay-style grilled sandwiches seem to be popular here as well and were a part of the order of the other tables we saw. Cheese again plays a major roll in these, making options like the chicken masala sandwich ($9, below) seem like grilled cheese fusion cuisine. My experience with these is very small, but other times the cheese was only a tiny part of the sandwich. I am certainly not adverse to it and the crispy triangles are tasty, it just seems less related to Indian food than other options. It is also one of only a small amount of non-vegetarian items available here at EggMania.

If you are in the mood for more masala, try the homemade masala soda ($2.49, below), a mixture of club soda and spices. These all go to the bottom quite quickly, so give it a good stir before every sip. Not quite refreshing, this is definitely a unique drink, and to me seemed like what chaat would taste like if it was liquified. Did I sell it well?

Open since late 2012, EggMania has also opened a location in Edison, New Jersey. The mania is real.

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