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16 September 2018

Chuan Tian Xia


A little over a month old, Chuan Tian Xia is off to a flying start. The two level dining room is constantly full during the evenings as Sunset Park's residents have been hungry for good Sichuan food for a long time. So far, it seems like feedback has been exclusively positive, and this dinner [UPDATE: three dinners now] only validates this completely.

There is something of a new generation of Chinese restaurateurs in New York City, the monied generation investing in new businesses. While many fall flat, a select few are standing out like this one, an unassuming corner joint on the less trafficked avenue of Brooklyn's Chinatown.

Pork with garlic sauce $9.99

Pickled chicken legs $6.99

The name, like most things being translated from Chinese, is a bit less meaningful than the original. On the receipt, the simple version just says "Chuan World," the first word just a short version of Sichuan. "Tian Xia" means something like "everything under heaven."

Finding the real meaning of the restaurant's name is probably somewhere in between the simple and the spiritual. Dine here though, and you will find yourself thinking more towards the latter.

Some scenes from a wonderful Friday night meal, shown in the order they arrived at the table:

Chengdu cold noodle $6.99

Chengdu dragon reading hands $5.99

Sour soup with fat beef slices $21.99

Yam fungus $12.99

Griddle cauliflower $11.99

Potato floss $10.99

Grouper, grilled on the table $39.99

Mapo tofu $9.99

Chuan Tian Xia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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