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21 August 2018

Menkoi Sato


The quality and abundance of ramen in New York City seemingly is still on an upward trajectory, searching for its peak. A new shop in the West Village has opened advertising the specialty noodles from Hokkaido, Japan's most northerly island prefecture. About 50 years ago the newest style of ramen, miso, was invented in its capital city of Sapporo. Hokkaido can have some brutally cold and snowy winters, making the rich oily meat and miso broth perfect for warming all the freezing bodies. You often will find more additional ingredients or toppings in these bowls like corn or butter, making it even heartier.

The other trait of a Hokkaido-style ramen is slightly thicker, usually curly and chewy noodles, which this shop actually imports from Japan for use here. This seems to be a spectacular decision, as these are clear stars of this show.

The red soybean paste known as akamiso flavors the broth along with chicken stock. One thick cut of chashu is placed on top of the other ingredients. Without spice, the broth is a deep brown, but for $1 extra you can have the spicy miso ramen ($16, below) which delivers a bright glowing red and a medium level of spice to the bowl.

The broths here are lush and especially with the miso you will find it hard to get a spoon that does not contain bits of meat, vegetables, or other goodies hidden below the surface.

The spicy shoyu ramen ($16, below), does not look much different from a bird's eye view but takes its flavors mostly from a more subtle soy sauce base rather than miso.

If you are coming here alone or only have the ability to try one, we recommend that the Sapporo specialty miso ramen be the choice, as might be obvious.

Dining here is most likely communal as long as other people are around. Groups of two or four will be placed together at tables with short unmoveable barstools. The entire space is looked over by the friendly beast below blowing some warmth over the names of famous places in Sapporo.

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