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27 July 2018

Tavares Restaurant


From the moment I opened the door until presumably well after I was gone, the singing never stopped inside of popular Cypress Hills mainstay Tavares. The staff here continued to work as they were caught between some stage of lip syncing and full-on belting out the pop and reggaeton videos playing on the TV. Behind the steam table at the entry showcasing the specials of the day, this friendly crew was all smiles and efficiency at the same time.

That steam table is mostly for takeout suggestions, if you plan on staying have a seat and a full menu will arrive. In the dining area, the place has a Valentines Day mood all year round. Pink tablecloths are covered with plastic, while a display of available wines is center-pieced by a big bouquet of roses. Are nights romantic here? I can only attest to the late afternoon, which is fun and feels busy even though it's not really. Dominicans in the area gravitate here, after their work shifts or on a day off, mostly getting a meal to go but some to stay, chatting up the staff who know them well.

While most mofongo options run $7, the beef was a bit extra at $10 but still a steal. The plantain mash is not too garlicky and the sauce with the beef helps keep everything from getting dry. Well-charred beef that is almost crispy is the perfect accompaniment. Three dollar bottles of Presidente wash it all down with ease.

Apparently even Bill de Blasio likes it here, his picture with the staff looks over the dining room. By the time I had finished, they had a new voice joining in as the four or five your old child of one had started singing as well. On the lines he knew best, his voice would rise, and all the patrons just had one more reason to be here and laugh.

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