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24 June 2018

Pancoan Society Hippocrates Taverna Kos


Along with others that are remaking the neighborhood of Astoria in recent years, a new wave of Greek immigration has also taken place since the worst years of Greece's recent debt crisis. Certainly there are less establishments than one time, but it does not take too much looking around to find many points of Greek interest, especially towards the north end. One long-time private club and restaurant has opened its doors to the public in last couple years, possibly a result of changing demographics, but still caters almost exclusively to big loud Greek families sharing a meal together.

The menu, which simply reads "Taverna Kos," is now pinned up in the window, enticing passersby with big plates of seafood and grilled meats. The interior is split into two parts, an interior bare bones room, and a covered (and temperature controlled) patio where most people choose to eat and drink. The Greek flag and the color blue are everywhere, a big print of the Greek national football team adorns one wall.

Tzatziki ($6) and spicy feta ($6) are good meze choices

Some chippy things can be found on Yelp (as always), but I was greeted with kindness and found the service to be very pleasant throughout the evening. Tackle the appetizer list, or even better come with a huge group and get to sample lots of the fish and meat.

Small Greek salad ($9)

Saganaki ($15)

Grilled porgy ($20)

Lemon potatoes (side)

Peas and artichokes ($9)

The dish above is not on the menu and was the special of the day. Combining what it seems to say on the receipt and what I can Google, this dish may have the name arakas anginares.


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