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23 April 2018



On a Friday night three weeks after opening, Lahi was completely crushed with hungry Filipinos. A big group decided to have their party here and was taking half of the 20 or so seats available. Groups of 2, 3, and 4 were standing in the small front area and outside, waiting for their chance to sample the new restaurant's flavors.

The mood, as always around Filipino people, was jovial. Everyone was full of belly laughs, and no one was upset about waiting. The people with food in front of them were even more full of laughter, and very happy about their spreads.

The restaurant seems to be a family affair, but this was only a hunch. Everyone was so friendly and happy to have all their guests and newfound love. Last year's success at the Queens International Night Market has turned into an instant classic.

The first arrival to the table was kare-kare ($12.95, above), a famous Filipino stew of oxtail and tripe in peanut sauce. Don't be afraid to use your hands to grab those bones and gnaw off all that excellent oxtail meat. Pour the stew over rice for the most optimal experience.

Even though sisig baboy was ordered, a plate of sisig bangus ($12.95, below) arrived, the milkfish version of sisig rather than pork. A porky sisig was being craved for months, but this one was too good to send back, and probably a lot more healthy. Recommended.

Lechon kawali ($9.95, below) gave the proper portion of pork that was needed. These deep fried crispy chunks of pork belly could be the mascot of Filipino food, an emblem of everything.

Last but not least was pancit bihon ($8.95, below), Chinese-influenced thin rice noodles sauteed in soy sauce with thin cuts of meat and vegetables. This was a huge portion that made for a lot of tasty leftovers.

It was admittedly only a meal of four dishes for two people, but the first look at Lahi is very positive. Let us know what you think if you have the chance to visit.

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