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26 March 2018

Zutto Japanese American Pub


To be perfectly honest, not much was expected from Zutto, a "Japanese American Pub" located in Tribeca. That word "pub" was the main attraction, trying to find the right spot to cheer on Japan this summer in the World Cup. While Zutto may not be that place, the food is worth checking out, and the ramen excels. For this neighborhood, the prices are not crazy.

Before the noodles, grab a plate of karage crispy chicken ($9, below), big chunks of juicy meat. Lightly fried and plenty salty, these do not need the soy dipping sauce that it arrives with.

The spicy miso ramen ($16, below) was some of the best ramen enjoyed in a long time. A unique cut of the chashu pork belly was presented with fat up and is fat forward, but is really something else.

The "spicy" option is $1 on other bowls as well, and simply a dollop of chili oil placed on top and meant to be spread throughout.

Except for the absence of ground pork, the bowl of spicy tonkotsu ramen ($16. below) comes out looking much the same. The rich pork soup gives you the impression it has been simmering with bones for hours.

This bowl does the city of Fukuoka proud. Raise up a few of the very well made "thick" version of their noodles to admire.

At least for lunch time, the restaurant is not full of many Japanese diners like many spots in Midtown. This probably just speaks to the neighborhood and access, it can be imagined much fuller with more patrons working nearby. Unlike other locations that are frequented by non-Japanese, the craft and care of every design seems to be taken on with the skilled eyes of a Japanese owner. It is unquestionably a pleasure to dine here.

With the bar and a long list of sake and shochu, popping in at night might be an even more fulfilling experience to see what the drinking culture is like.

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