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07 March 2018

Auttharos BBQ


Despite the large 2nd floor signage still lingering, Zabb Elee vanished in a puff of smoke in 2016 and changed hands to Auttharos. The menu of the new owners promised to focus on Isaan foods from Northeast Thailand, but to be honest it just did not carry much interest and was never sampled for this website. Meanwhile, the building just next door to the east was churning out much more fun as Playground and its underground Thaitoon late night karaoke were joined by a new Isaan hot pot restaurant called Jaew Hon upstairs.

It is unclear if the popularity of Jaew Hon had anything to do with Auttharos rebranding itself into Auttharos BBQ, but that is what has happened at the end of February.

English usually does not have the words to differentiate different styles of what in Asian restaurants is all called "BBQ," but unlike Jaew Hon's hot pot soups used for cooking, this is all about the grilling and sauces for dipping. The particular method here looks a lot like what many Korean restaurants do, except the thin cuts of meat do not require much time on the grill and the staff does not do the work.

This is not something I have come across in many trips throughout Thailand (and one of our associates was born and raised there), a proper moo ka ta will use a round grill that meats cook on an elevated center and juices are caught lower around the perimeter and can intermingle with vegetables and soup. So basically this is either inauthentic or they are breaking new ground, depending on how you want to look at it.

The good news is, the meats are good and the restaurant is definitely worth checking out. If you choose the non-seafood "Meat Lover" set, you can leave with a very inexpensive all-you-can-eat experience.

As you can see from the menu above, the choices are quite expansive, including a selection of cold salads that are terrific for breaking up the monotony of a meat-heavy feast. Som tum is available in Thai and Lao versions, pork sausage and corn salads come recommended, and the great sour sausage yum nam (above) which was ordered twice.

The meats come in stacked trays as space on the tables is comically limited and seems to be the one real oversight. Some of them come with squirts of tasty seasonings, while others are plain.

Either way, the three dipping sauces they provide should be explored fully. They range from sweet to very spicy. Beef and fish balls seemed to be on everyone's table, but do take longer in this preparation than in boiling soup so be prepared with patience.

What might help with this are beers priced at $4, so enjoy Singha, Leo, or Chang while you grill.

The price also includes a choice of beverage and dessert at the end if you have room. We were treated to nam kang sai (below) on this visit, a sweet slush with red beans and condensed milk.

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