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17 February 2018

Alberto's Restaurant & Pizzeria


The charm of Alberto's is easy to recognize even from a passing car. The extended flag of Argentina stretches the entire length of the facade, and the kitschy fun of the interior shows through outside.

Opening the door is an assault on the visual sense, every surface is covered with all things Argentina and New York City. Three TVs are waiting to be tuned to a Boca Juniors match on the weekend, but during a weekday you might find some traditional music playing during the afternoon.

Above the refrigerator is somewhat of a showcase of Argentina. The faces of Diego Maradona and Pope Francis are joined by mates, thermoses, and flags. At the center though is the real patron saint, Lionel Messi, who has something of an "altar" with offerings of Quilmes and Fernet, Argentina's most popular alcohol.

Each table is decorated with fake flowers and a couple flags, and the scene is set.

In addition to Italian or Italian-American, or maybe just American-style pizzas, the back of the menu offers an Argentine selection, and any meal here should include some of their delicious empanadas. A pizza oven offers the perfect way to cook and keep these hot and fresh.

There are five different versions available, each for $1.85. The beef and chicken in these photos were both well-spiced and kept their moisture beautifully. No sauce was offered, and no sauce was needed as the flavors were definitely enough to satisfy on their own.

Many of the customers of Alberto's come in to buy full pies to go, and it would seem odd not to order pizza in a pizzeria. Thankfully the signature Pizza Argentina (below) is sold by the slice. On top of what seemed like a sourdough crust, this pizza has a layer of nice salty Spanish ham, sweet roasted peppers, and green olives. This salty, sweet, and sour mixture created very tasty bites.

They also do calamari ($13.95, below) well here, with just a thin layer of breading to lightly fry.

What is all this stuff doing under the flag of Argentina you may ask? It is estimated that over 60% of Argentinians have some level of Italian ancestry in their blood, as waves of migrants were coming to the country in the second half of the 1800's and first half of the 1900's. Italian last names and pasta on menus are ubiquitous.

Something distinct to the South American continent's indigenous people but shared all over Argentina is drinking the highly-caffeinated yerba mate. This is unfortunately not available in its traditional form here, but you can have a tea bag of the drink.

The spot will entertain supporters of Boca Juniors on weekends for the next few months, but everything will turn to the national team in June when the World Cup starts. This will be an excellent spot to cheer on La Albiceleste. It is BYOB, so along with your appetite, make sure to bring something to quench certain thirsts.

Seats that will all be full in June.

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