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12 January 2018

Old Baku


The night our group of eight spent at Old Baku is still a blur. On one of those first freezing nights of winter, we opened the door and found an empty room with booths and not much else. It seemed unheated, and unwelcoming. Thankfully the host that greeted us walked us through this space, past the kitchen which was open to the frigid outside air in a courtyard, and into their cozy back dining room. A few tables had filled up before us, and some live music had already begun.

Temperatures were appropriate here, so everyone took off their coats and dug into the menu. What was decided on, and what eventually arrived had only about 50% in common, but the meal was enjoyed. Other patrons began to dance after some shots, and this brick-walled space became almost magical as the rhythm of the music increased.

Disclaimer: The ordering process was difficult here. The eight of us and our many shared languages unfortunately did not overlap with any languages spoken by the staff. We did our best, and unfortunately did not get exactly what we ordered. My hunch is that this fell somewhere between honest mistakes and upselling/overcharging a big group, as sometimes we had to send back things they brought two of when only one was ordered. If this language problem is similar with your group, it might be recommended to write down a list of the food you want and hand it to them for a record.

Like I said at the beginning, things are a bit of a blur so there is not much more of a review. Here is a look at the foods we had:

This place has an excellent vibe and spirit, and I hope the next time I go we can get it right.

🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿
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