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06 December 2017

Spicy Tibet


Back at the end of 2014, the owners of Friends Corner Cafe needed more space for their popular restaurant and decided to open up another shop on Roosevelt Avenue. Ever since, with a slightly expanded menu, Spicy Tibet has had most of its tables full no matter what time of day. As temperatures drop close to freezing, soups become necessary, and Tibetan soups are some of the most warming in the world.

But start the meal of course with a plate of vegetable momos ($5.99, below). Make sure to find a bottle of the orange momo sauce if it is not already on your table. They have meat varieties as well, but sometimes the vegetarian options have better spices inside.

Gya thug ($6.99, below) more than any other soup just looks like it will warm you up. This type of thukpa, or Tibetan noodle soup, is named for the Chinese noodles it uses. Meat and vegetables are combined with "Himalayan herbs and spices" in a hearty broth.

Then thug ($6.99, below), always uses hand-pulled or sliced noodles that are guaranteed to be fresh and homemade. Tibetan soups can sometimes be more bland than their Nepalese companions, but throw in some extra red pepper sauce if you want. Grab a piece of tingmo ($1, below background) if you are the type that likes to dip breads into soup.

This area of Jackson Heights is known for its Himalayan takeover of the last decade or more, and the options are staggering. Because there are so many people in the community, the level of quality of most places is very high. The value at places like Spicy Tibet is almost ridiculous.

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