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18 December 2017

Lee's Tavern


Lee's Tavern fell into my world by accident. A job I was doing nearby ran over, leaving no time to get back home or to regular football bars. With only a few minutes before Tottenham's kickoff in Champions League, a quick Google Maps search gave this as the closest options for sports bars.

"We don't watch soccer here." was the straight-faced answer of the bartender when asked to find the game on.

When another guy gave the channel the game was on and beer was served, the menu started looking very appealing and this playful joke (maybe?) receded from memory. I am the kind of person that despite needing a great deal of variety in my diet, I am never not in the mood for pizza.

There are a few appetizers, but pizza is the special here. Looking into it later, Lee's is actually well known for their pies. I just got lucky.

On the menu, there are three pies that are listed as "Our Pizza Favorites," including the fresh homemade mozzarella & basil ($8.50, above). This price will get you what they call "bar size," a generous portion for one. A full large pie will run $15.50 if you bring a group.

Feel free to create your own combinations as well, which was done on the sausage and pepperoni ($8.75, below). The hands of the pie maker seem more giving when it comes to meats, so this was a favorite and ordered on both trips made here. They make the crusts thin and crisp, and at least on the bar version it always kept its form and never sagged in the middle like a typical New York slice.

The tavern itself is enjoyable, usually full of action despite having a lazy feel to it. Local customers were constantly coming in to place and pickup orders for pies to go. The dark woods and men at the corner of the bar seem to have been here for a long time. The bartenders know most people and have their drinks ready by the time they take off their coats.

As for traveling the world, the conversations at the bar will definitely talk about how CNN is "fake news" and something about the Clinton's being criminals. Both of these topics came up unironically on each of my visits. But yield traveler, this is not the right time and place to get into an argument. Enjoy being in the red America, and don't let anything get between you and this wonderful pizza.

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