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29 November 2017



In the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but only written in cyrillic, the name of this well-known "secret" is written on a small banner outside of its subterranean location. Over the years, Streecha has added time to their opening hours and now serves food Wednesday through Sunday instead of only on weekends. Get there early in the time window though, as their daily specials usually sell out within a couple hours of opening time.

They advertise a volunteer session each weekend for people to get together and make the varenyky ($4.50 for 6, below), ensuring they are homemade and fresh. These are filled with potato and cheese and are topped with onions and sour cream. It is simply impossible to have enough of them.

Borsch soup ($3, below) is a great deal and delicious as well. The broth is beef, although I did not see any chunks, and beets which give it the color. Cabbage, onions, carrots, and potato can all be found in there as well so there is some heartiness despite feeling light.

The sausage with cabbage ($7, below) is the most expensive item on the menu, and the most filling. A pork link is sliced up and served over cabbage that is also mixed with carrots and onions.

Holubsti ($4, below) is stuffed cabbage that has pork and rice inside as well as carrots and onions. Yes, the restaurant has a theme with some of its ingredients, but the tastes all vary enough to make the variety good. The holubsti is just a touch on the dry side, so ask for an extra spoon of the tomato sauce.

The four items above are on the regular menu and available daily. Regulars to the restaurant seem to order the specials on each visit, which on one day could include schnitzel (below). This fried pork patty is served on a bed of fried potatoes, both well done.

The patty is a double-sized thickness from what a pounded out schnitzel might be, but fried meat does not disappoint in any size.

Although I have personally never tried any, the cakes they make look to be an excellent dessert, and slices are available each day as well. A quick tour of their Instagram account shows that these are some of what brings them the most pride.

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