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22 November 2017

New York Bread


In most instances, people headed to Coney Island who do not live in the area head straight to the boardwalk or beach, riding the Wonder Wheel or setting up a blanket on the sand. Veering off in the opposite direction can reward someone with other types of treasures, and actually makes a good pickup for those headed to the beach but not in the mood for hot dogs and fried clams.

About eight blocks west of the Stillwell Avenue station is New York Bread, Inc., a great spot for freshly baked breads and hot prepared foods made all day. On a recent meander down Neptune Avenue, I had not prepared to make a purchase here, but the breads smelled so good.

As I followed my nose, the baker himself was filling the shelves with hot loaves of bread. Feeling this warmth was a little bit too much to resist, and a round loaf of Ukrainian rye made its way to my basket.

The hot and cold prepared foods look very good here too, all sold at various prices and quantities. There is a butcher for cuts of meat, and a whole range of sweets for after meals as well.

Most of the space of the shop is for common Russian and former Soviet country groceries, but these shelves were similar to what you might find in any store in Brighton Beach and Gravesend.

Before checking out, a small container of freshly prepared beet salad also found its way into the basket. This creamy mixture with finely chopped beet was even more satisfying than usual somehow and greatly enjoyed later in the day.

Unfortunately this stop was part of a few hours walk and I was only with a backpack. If you have the means, come to New York Bread with a car so you can take as much home with you as possible.

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