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03 August 2017

Al-Humza Halal Restaurant


Around the corner from the restaurant, the modern spotless masjid un noor lives in a two story pale pink building and sees a steady stream of mostly Pakistani men and women with a few neighborhood Africans as well. Along with this house of worship, the other hub of the community seems to be Al-Humza, which offers both a halal meat counter and grocery store as well as full service restaurant.

Last year, the building had a large awning that properly described its contents inside, but now the only hints of the food being prepared within come if the weather is nice and the door is open. No matter though, walk-in customers are few and far between in this driver's borough, and all the Pakistanis nearby seem to know about the good food here already.

The menu has most everything you might expect, and even a weekend specials section that includes haleem ($8, above). This stew is often found in bazaars and on the street in Pakistan, but is thankfully available to us in local restaurants. It pairs perfectly with a fresh piece of naan ($1, above), which is not quite enough to scoop up all of this generous portion.

It was fun to eat slowly here and relax, taking in the comings and goings. On this Saturday, extremely large takeout orders close to $100 seemed to be the norm. There are at least a dozen tables, but most were empty as food was taken home much more frequently than eaten here.

5 mangos imported from back home for $24.99

Other weekend special items include nihari, a slow-cooked stew of lamb and bone marrow, and paya, a spicy stew made from the hooves of cow or goat.

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