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25 May 2017

My Grill Bar


For some years, the location at this address was called Shawarma Ave, an enticing name to be sure. In the last two years, the owners have rebranded more generically as My Grill Bar, but things look even nicer inside and the shawarma spits rotate with even better looking meats.

Given the neighborhood, the restaurant is glatt kosher like most places in Midwood, and describes itself as an "Israeli Grill." Otherwise, it would be hard to tell from most standard Middle Eastern restaurants solely from the menu.

Photo courtesy of mygrillbar.com

What was not immediately apparent but became a point of much interest was the access to the small salad bar (above) that opens up when you order a platter. Normally the salad bar can be purchased by weight, $3.50 per 1/2 lb. The beets, eggplant, and pickled vegetables were all fabulous, and a second plate had to be filled up. Unsure of the proper salad bar etiquette, this was done as quietly as possible.

A plate of hummus with falafel ($10, below) also brings a basket of warm, fresh bread. While the falafel fall flat, the hummus is very creamy and smooth and could not be much better. Shawarma and hummus always make a good combination, so having this plate around also made sense for the rest of the order.

The beautiful spits of shawarma mentioned earlier consist of chicken on the left and the house special turkey and lamb mixture on the right. We stuck with the normal chicken shawarma platter ($18, below) as the first choice, a very large plate of meat knifed off with their special shawarma blade, fresh salad of cucumber, tomato, and onion, and Israeli rice and beans.

The turkey and lamb shawarma is called "My Shawarma" and costs an extra $2 for the platter. A quick discussion after the meal with the proprietor about their specialty piqued the interest for next visit.

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