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14 May 2017

Beirut Restaurant


The city of Clifton, New Jersey makes something of a "C" when viewed on the map, neatly surrounding Passaic, with the top of the "C" dividing Passaic from Paterson. It is in this north wedge that Paterson's Middle Eastern character slowly phases out into the more Latin American character of Passaic. Beirut Restaurant is in this zone, just south of the Garden State Parkway overpass.

Although the front of the restaurant makes it look modest, the place has an expanded back dining room behind the smaller front space. This back area has a stage for live music and seems well used for hookah while bands are not playing. A couple groups were enjoying hookah and meals in the back when we entered, so we asked to be seated in the brighter front area next to a window.

The tables have white tablecloths, giving everything a slightly formal feel, although service is casual. The menu is just one page and focused, based on the quality of other food it can be assumed that everything they choose to cook is done well.

An array of meze were ordered, all of which were supremely satisfying, including the smooth hummus ($5.95, above). It is full of zest from lemon juice, and eloquently presented like the rest with a center swirl containing more bits that beg to be mixed. All the meze tasted freshly made that day.

The labneh ($5.95) goes excellently with the meats.

The muhamara ($5.95, below) was also delightful, slightly different than most using pine nuts instead of walnuts this time.

There was a baba ghanouj ($6.95, below) connoisseur eating with me on this day, and the version here was able to pass the strict standards. The eggplant dish had fresh tomatoes and olive oil in the middle to mix.

To complement the focus on meze, a plate of shish tawook ($14.95, below) was thrown in for good measure. Perfectly tender and juicy chunks of marinated chicken are served with thin pita and a garlic sauce. This container was pushed to the side in favor of combining the meat with the meze, especially labneh.

If you are still unsatisfied with your Middle Eastern intake after a meal here, make your way to Istanbul Food Bazaar across the street, a store with a meat counter, packaged cheeses, dry goods, and snacks. Just be careful crossing the busy street.

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