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11 March 2017

Little Myanmar Mini Mart


This website gave up most writeups on grocery stores quite a few years back, but a new and exciting one has opened in a tiny space in Jackson Heights. Exciting mainly because Myanma foods are my favorite in the world, and the city is almost devoid of them.

Little Myanmar Mini Mart has just opened up within the last week, and has found a tiny home inside of the small mall that is famous for its tenant Lhasa Fast Food, a small Tibetan restaurant at the back of the first floor. Instead of turning right after the phone shop, turn left and follow signs for the mini mart. There you will find proprietor Thidar Kyaw and her brand new shop. Originally from Yangon, Ms. Kyaw is now importing some of the crucial ingredients for Myanma cooking, as well as packaged goods like instant noodles and tea leaf salad, probably Myanmar's most famous dish.

Last year, we had a friend import some packaged tea leaf salad from the Thai border near Myanmar where she lives. This proved to be excellent, and finding it again has been a major goal. At Little Myanmar, they carry Yoma Myanmar brand for $3.99, which proves to be quite a big portion.

The package contains two portions, which you can separate or combine into one large serving. All the crunchy bits come in one package, while the fermented green tea leaves are in another.

We enjoyed versions in Myanmar that combined fresh tomatoes, so we cut some up and threw them in as well. The mixture is surprisingly thorough, with all the crunchy components and nuts that I remember.

I did not notice a choice at the shop, but after putting it all together, this is a very spicy mixture. The package indeed says "spicy" right on the front, reminding me of the vendors who would encourage multiple chilis during preparation. In Myanmar when you order everything is combined fresh and you can decide your spice level.

While not as good as the other brand, the Yoma Myanmar version is still a good representation of the dish, and thoroughly satisfying. Anyone with positive feelings about this beautiful Myanma dish will be happy with this product.

Also purchased during the visit were packages of Myanmar black tea and fruit jam, which is eaten as a dessert.

We wish all the best to Ms. Kyaw and her new shop. Thank you for the efforts to bring the foods of your country to New York City.

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