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10 January 2017

Hyderabadi Biryani & Chat


In between a fried chicken joint and a westernized Chinese takeout, sharing the rest of the block with a diner, Walgreens, a dollar store and many other generic shops, small Hyderabadi sticks out like a sore thumb. The awning offers biryani and chat, but in reality the menu is loaded with most of the pan-Indian favorites you can ever imagine, a range of vegetarian and meat options.

On the first visit, the chat section was visited with an order of dahi batata puri ($5.99, below), a street snack originating in Mumbai but like all chat is now popular throughout the subcontinent.

Instead of eating one by one like pani puri, dahi puri is served on a plate all at once. Similarly, a hole is punctured in the crispy puri shell and in this case, potato is added. The balls are topped with yogurt, spicy chili powders, salt, tamarind, chutney, tomato, onion, and crushed sev, amongst probably many other things. It is a very satisfying chat, and it can be assumed that all their other versions are just as good.

On a second visit, the biryani was the name of the game. An order of the chicken biryani ($9.99, below) comes with the question of "On the bone or off?" This is a question that usually is best answered with "on" for more tender bits. This seemed to be no different, as under the rice I found nice hunks of well-seasoned and juicy meat.

The dish is served with two cups of chutney, yogurt-based and curry-based options. This was new to me, receiving chutneys with biryani like you do with dosas, but I sampled bites with both and found them pleasing.


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