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16 December 2016


(Photo credit: One Fulton Square)

Every once in awhile a review falls through the cracks, but for some reason on the coldest day of the year I had a flashback to July when I was eating Malaysian food on a very hot night. Ten years after the first PappaRich opened in Malaysia, Flushing is home to the latest branch, their 106th in total.

And there is a reason that 106 of these restaurants exist in seven countries. The food is good. The prices are good. We had a group of five and tried an array of dishes, including the following:

Nasi lemak with curry chicken ($9.90)

Curry laksa ($9.90)

Fried beef noodles ($11.90)

Fried sambal kang kung ($9.90)

Char kway teow ($9.90)

Curry lamb ($14.90)

Roti canai with curry chicken ($7.50, front) and beef rendang ($10.90, back)

PappaRich is located on the second floor of the brand new One Fulton Square outdoor mall complex. It's menu has a picture of every dish on it and runs over a dozen pages. There are stories to accompany some of the dishes, and this makes the sheer amount of choices a little easier to grasp. Malaysian cooking is such an amalgamation of different tastes from different countries that have made their mark through migration. It is a fun trip to make.


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