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07 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew, Haiti, and New York City

Photo credit: Reuters

I will not even bother writing a number of the people reported dead because by the time you read this it will climb. Haiti is also a tricky country when it comes to relief efforts, for many well-documented reasons. I leave it up to you to read about them if you want and decide for yourself.

One option we have though, and always have in times like this, is to funnel our money to the people who know best how to use it. In this case, Haitians. Taking your business to a Haitian restaurant tonight, or tomorrow night, or for every night next week will put money into the hands of family members that can find ways to help through the most efficient means.

Here is a list of Haitians restaurants in Brooklyn I know about:

BG Cafe Creole 1366 Flatbush Avenue
Chez Macoule 1115 Rogers Avenue
Combite Creole 1728 Flatbush Avenue
Dana Caribbean Cuisine 2026 Nostrand Avenue
Football Restaurant 1727 Nostrand Avenue
Grace Divine 1368 Flatbush Avenue
Grandchamps 197 Patchen Avenue
Immaculee II Haitian 1227 Nostrand Avenue
La Caye 35 Lafayette Avenue
Le Banquet Restaurant 2281 Nostrand Avenue
Solide Rocher 3011 Beverly Road
Tonel 1236 Rogers Avenue

If you prefer New Jersey, try EthnicNJ.com, which has five more options for you.

In addition, do a Google search plus the location you want to eat. There are many Haitians in and around NYC. You will find them. Enjoy your dinner!

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