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31 August 2016

Terminal 1


From the outside, Terminal 1 does not have the appearance of the type of place usually seen on this website. It just has the look of a normal Staten Island sports bar, and maybe that is the idea. Its tinted windows do not reveal anything inside until the door is opened. On a weekday late in the afternoon, you might be the only one here, in which case the friendly staff will give you their full attention.

I am not sure how to describe the interior, half sports bar and half attempted glitz. They also seem to do a brisk business for the NY Lottery. I feel comfortable here somehow with the nicely framed televisions and Polish football hanging from the ceiling.

That football is the only outward hint towards the country of birth for the chef. Opening the menu shows all those sports bar classics, but then some Polish words intrude and start to frame the whole story. The appetizers go both ways and include nachos & cheese and bigos, a classic Polish stew side by side. Further down in the "American Classics" section, oddly one can find A Taste of Poland ($16, below), the combo I chose to get a sense for the most possible on one visit.

On the plate is 1 kielbasa, 1 stuffed cabbage, 2 potato pancakes, and 3 pierogi. The stuffed cabbage and kielbasa end up being the tastiest, both excellent versions. The pierogi are all different, cabbage, potato, and meat. The potato pancakes, unfortunately are a bit greasy and unappealing. All in all though, this plate and beer is the perfect bar food.

The menu has many choices for mains too, soups and plates of sophisticated Polish food beyond the classics. Unless you desire a filet mignon, most dishes are under $15. There is a certain charm here that caters to both Polish people and Staten Island people. I am not sure where I fit into this, but they only charged me $5 for the half liter of Zywiec lager, and I can always occupy a seat at that kind of bar.

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