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18 August 2016

Georgian Deli and Bakery


About a year ago, the awning went up for this bakery, but each time I came back in the following months there was still paper in the windows. By the end of the year, they were up and running, but my meals did not bring me back to the area. One day a few months back, I grabbed one imeruli khachapuri ($7, below), which are easy to transport and heat up well in a home oven. It was easily tasty enough to want to return.

This deli/bakery is takeout only, but has quite a large variety for such a small place. A refrigerated case in front has a good selection of soups and salads, all the classic Georgian favorites including soup kharcho ($5.99, not pictured) and lobio with walnuts ($7.99, not pictured). Coupled with the five versions of khachapuri and many other baked breads and pies, someone could create an epic Georgian feast for themselves. For anyone in the southern part of Brooklyn, they deliver at least as far as Sunset Park.

On our second visit, in addition to the khachapuri above we took home a container of chashushuli ($6.99, below), a beef stew that has tomatoes, sweet onions, fresh herbs, and plenty of Georgian spices. It is hearty, slightly spicy and soaks into bread perfectly.

There are good Georgian restaurants in the area (Mtskheta Cafe, Georgia Kiziki), but the food here at the deli might actually be better. Unfortunately they have no seating, but anyone with the ability to transport their foods home or have it delivered should definitely check it out.

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