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18 May 2016

[CLOSED] Cafe Globus



This is not a post about a Kazakh restaurant, unfortunately. New York City may have some more evolving to do before we have one of those. Hell, I wish we could have our Kyrgyz restaurant back. I did however recently come across one solitary Kazakh dish in a two week old restaurant run by an Uzbek of Korean descent. Russian is the language of choice inside. This combination may seem weird but there are at least three other establishments with the same connections just in Brooklyn. Go figure.

Back to Kazakhstan, which as far as I know has not been featured on any menus for about ten years. Several pages into the long Cafe Globus menu, which runs the gamut of Russian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, and even Moldovan food, is a lamb section containing kuyrdak "Kazakh style." In English, the description is "stew lamb, veal liver and vegetables."

The dish runs $12.99 and as many former-Soviet type restaurants in Brooklyn tend to do, a service charge will be added to your bill even when dining solo. The meat chunks are cooked well done and a majority is liver. Tomatoes and onions make up the vegetables and the plate is served with a small portion of mashed potatoes. The stew makes me more curious what the dish tastes like in Kazakhstan when done by a grandma. It has extremely high potential.

On this first visit, I was actually stopping by to see what I thought would be Cafe Kiev, the beloved previous tenant. Now that I know about the new place and its wide array of countries on the menu, I will bring a group back as soon as possible and explore the list.

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