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21 April 2016

Hua Ji Pork Chop Fast Food


Recently on my umpteenth visit to Hua Ji Pork Chop Fast Food since the incredibly appetizing Real Cheap Eats post by Nicolas Chen written about four years ago, I noticed I had never written up the place myself. It took two or three more visits to finally do just this, as I usually make excuses to visit Hua Ji on my way to or from jobs and the like, but rarely have my camera and notes at the ready.

On my very last visit, it all became much easier, as they had taken over the space from a next door bus company and set up more seating and much more elbow room. Since they opened in 2008 (or so?), eating in here was an exercise in sharing space, as their two counters had around six chairs, but comfortably sat only two people. Now ordering to stay entails paying at the old counter and walking outside and next door to the new space to wait.

If the awning did not give away what your order should be, let me be clear: this is a one hit wonder. The pork chop over rice ($5, below) is that wonder, a dish most people come for, and a dish they take good care of. Each piece of fried pork I have ever had here has been satisfying, tender and fatty and juicy.

An order here comes served over a healthy portion of white rice in a white plastic bowl no matter if you order to stay or take away. Their sauce is always worth noting, a delicious salty, pickle-y glutinous blend with small ground up bits of pork. This sauce over rice would be an enjoyable meal on its own, but the whole combination is about the best five dollars you are ever going to spend.

The only other option worth diverting towards is just one spot down on the menu. The black pepper pork chop over rice is the same price and just a way to put a little kick into your sauce.


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