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13 March 2016

SVL Souvlaki Bar


When you walk into SVL, the feeling is much like walking into a Chipotle. It does lack all the meaningless assembly line interaction, but you order at the counter from a nice group that takes your money immediately and gives a receipt. I would not call the preparation thereafter fast, but that is probably the first sign that the product will actually be worth eating.

The kitchen is open to the room but separated by the counter and far from any viruses its customers might cough onto the food. The space is clean and has a welcomed easy in easy out feel.

The tables are bright red, as is much of the highlighting here, and each top comes with an array of condiments to use when your order comes. As you wait, an old-fashioned "order up" bell rings for each order, priming hopes that the meal ready is yours.

It turns out the condiments are unnecessary as the food is terrific and the tzatziki and a squeeze of lemon is all that is needed. I came here alone and made two simple orders, the chicken and pork souvlaki, both priced at $4. Orders here are served on skewer and each piece came in a metal scoop with plenty of pita bread, still warm and quite good. Both my cups of tzatziki were completely depleted by the end as well, as all the bread and meat kept wanting to go down for more. I found the chicken better than than the pork, which lacked a kick from its marinade.

Souvlaki tends to be best when prepared by the good street vendors, but this was nice to sit down and have all the fix-ins. It might seem odd to eat Greek in a fast food setting, but the product is good enough to last.

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