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24 February 2016

Sons of Thunder


As you already know, poke is now a thing in New York City. In the course of a few months, about three hundred poke shops sprung up. First lesson, it's something like POH-kay, not pronounced like the finger jab. I have only been to Hawai'i once, and only had poke once. It came as an appetizer and did not change my life, reminding me of well-seasoned sashimi.

Hawai'ian people share a love of raw fish with the Japanese, the basic ingredient of poke. The word actually translates to "small piece" and these small pieces of raw fish are generally eaten with the hands and lettuce, but here in New York a friendly version over rice has been adapted and forks and spoons are readily available.

At Sons of Thunder, in addition to a more mainstream American menu that is still yet to come, a poke menu of salmon, ahi tuna, octopus, and some weird non-fish option are about as complicated as things get. I asked what was most popular, and was told the half + half ($10.75, below) was the way to go.

I would certainly not disagree with the ways of the masses this go around, as I did enjoy both of these cuts of fish. It may seem odd to get raw fish from what feels like a fast food joint, but I have never been one to distrust anyone cooking for me. Who am I to even question the way such an interesting dish makes its way to our city?

Welcome to New York City, poke. Please don't turn into Chipotle.

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