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12 January 2016

Beyti Turkish Kebab


After a couple recent delicious meals at Hazar Turkish Kabab in Bay Ridge, I realized I had not written about many Turkish restaurants in the city and immediately wanted to rectify this situation. Trips to Brighton Beach often involve well laid plans for eating, and all past trips by the front of Beyti Turkish Kebab have been made with full stomachs. The fun fake gyro spit above the awning is barely noticeable since the two real spits inside the window are almost the same size and much more appetizing. As any good spit should, they call to passersby even when the windows are closed in the winter.

Inside the space is a bit of a surprise, after seeing the frantic front kitchen and takeout services. It is possible, and even comfortable, to come here for a sit down meal with attentive service and not feel rushed. The dining room has enough tables to fit a few groups, all the more reason to order a bunch of plates. Seen below are plates of the decent hummus ($5) and tabuli ($5).

The pride of the place might just be the excellent pide, available in five varieties. Below is the sucuklu kasarli pide ($10), cooked with Turkish sucuk sausage and mozzarella. I cannot attest to whether they let the doughs rise for twelve hours as tradition specifies, but the final product is seductive by any standards.

The allure of a mixed grill ($19.50, below) on menus with so many tantalizing options is obvious, giving diners not in large groups the chance to try all the meats available in one go. I counted five on this plate, dominated by four types of lamb preparation and the chicken gyro. While not quite competition for Hazar just yet, the plate is immensely satisfying, with good rice and sauces.

The refrigerator at the back of the restaurant also beckons, with a few different Turkish juices and sodas not tasted before. Both of the cans below were delicious, the sour cherry warranted a second.

It is nice to have a non-Russian or former Soviet cuisine to choose from for future trips to the beach when summer rolls around. The food out this way is usually excellent, and more variety never hurts. Those spits will undoubtedly be the source of some beach meals this coming summer.

Beyti Turkish Kebab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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