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22 December 2015

Taiwan Station


Although it does not always mean something happened recently, the colorful flags of a grand opening still fly in front of Sunset Park's new Taiwan Station. Non-food commercial spaces on 6th and 7th Avenue seem to be slowly converted into restaurants these days, pushing options for diners even further.

Inside, the space is clean and bright with modern design and systems. It is run by very young and friendly people, a bit outside of the norm for Brooklyn's Chinatown. Half the menu is dedicated to sweet, milky bubble tea, while the other half has quick food options, a combination of lunch and drinking bites.

Unfortunately though, there is no beer sold here because it would pair beautifully with the Taiwanese fried chicken ($3.95, above). As with other versions I have tried, the spice mix relies heavily on salt and pepper but is also slightly sweet. The strips of chicken are nicely tender, and although we looked around for a sauce when the dish came out, they actually do not need anything.

While maybe not the "next big thing," it seems that biandang, or Taiwanese bento boxes (above) are gaining popularity in New York City. With five options or so, these sell here for $5.95 at lunch and $6.95 for dinner, which was promised to be a larger portion.

On a cold afternoon, moods were searching for something hearty and focused in on the braised pork noodle ($4.50, above). On first bite, an almost complete lack of flavor is surprising, but the liquid found under all the noodles needs to be mixed. Also grab the red pepper shaker from the counter and add some spice for optimal lunch satisfaction.

The group at a nearby table were energetically munching on some of the BBQ sausage ($5 for three links), a dish worthy of testing on a return visit. We were not ready to trust the seafood options here though, so if anyone does and enjoys it, please do let me know.

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