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27 December 2014

[CLOSED] Metro Cafe



On a day in mid-September, while New Yorkers were still wearing t-shirts in the evening, Metro Cafe served up one of the best Sichuan meals in the city. The restaurant is one of the two best Sichuan locations in Brooklyn (also check out Grand Sichuan House in Bay Ridge), and has a case for itself against the popular places in Flushing. Oddly, you will find a lot of uninteresting, and un-Sichuan Chinese fare on the menu, but ignore this and focus on the good stuff, and things will go delightfully.

Dry bean curd noodle with special sauce ($6.95)

Shredded potato with hot pepper ($8.95)

Sautéed & dry string bean ($8.95) 

Mapo tofu ($8.95)

Braised fresh fish with chili sauce in hot pot ($29.95)

Lamb with Szechuan special sauce ($15.95)

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