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30 October 2014

Jounen Kwéyòl Celebration


The Jounen Kwéyòl Celebration is an event combining St. Lucia's two biggest flower festivals and reason for the small Caribbean island's peoples to get together and eat while enjoying music and good company. The mood is very happy, as everyone from the tiny island in New York City seems to show up for the most delicious food from their country, dishes that are not easily available to find.

Images of everything I was able to sample are below. Also note, you will see alcohol floating around here and there, so ask around and someone will take you to the basement of the community center, where you can purchase tickets and redeem them for beer, wine, and cocktails. The process of this is worth the cost of the drink anyways.

$1 tamarind balls, fudge, guava cheese

$3 penmi

Cooked breadfruit ready to be hacked apart.

$5 smoked herring, breadfruit, fish cake

$6 banana and bake and salt fish

$2 cocoa tea

$5 crab callalo

$5 pig foot bouyon

$8 pork and dumplings

$2 conch skewers

The 2014 celebration was held on Sunday, October 26th.

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