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22 October 2014

[CLOSED] Cheng Du Tian Fu



Flushing residents and food adventurers have long known that the basement of the Golden Shopping Mall is a destination worth lengthy travel in search of various regional cuisines of China, all served in a very informal, and quite authentic underbelly of a food court. These days, the flashy New World Shopping Mall and its amazing new food court often steal the show, but a trip down the half-flight of stairs into Golden is still a better overall experience in my book.

Depending where you enter, Cheng Du Tian Fu (Chengdu Heaven) is either the first or last stall you see. It is closest to the corner of Main Street and 41st Road, and the staircase here basically falls into their seating area. They have all the quick classics of wonderful Sichuan cooking, but for a start go for the chen du cold noodle ($5, below), a dish that is about exactly as it sounds.

Chengdu is of course the capital city of Sichuan province in China, home to some of the spiciest food known. The top of these cold noodles is heaped with all of that Sichuan peppercorn and oil, feel free to remove some if it brings too much heat. Otherwise do as most customers do, and mix it all together to enjoy.

A plate is surprisingly filling, so bring friends to enjoy more of the menu and add some warm items as well.

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