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08 August 2014

[CLOSED] Little Nica'



I am normally not hot on pop-up shops, especially the food kind. But when word of one serving such a fond memory of mine from travels in Central America got to me, I could not resist to try it. Like most countries, Nicaraguans cover long intercity journeys on buses that have seen better days. And while this kind of travel creates wonderful stories, the most comfortable and relaxing time is spent at the roadside pitstops that happen every few hours. At almost every one of these, I could not resist ordering a quesillo, the simple form of which is a grilled tortilla with cheese, pickled onions, and cream.

They do the simple one ($5) here as well as a few fancied versions with meat and extras. The pictures here show the version with hunks of pork ($6.75) as well as an upgrade of pickled jalapeños ($1.50). The tortilla is cooked on the grill for crispiness but still remains flexible. The cheese was always the focus and most delicious part in Nicaragua and that remains true here as well as it oozes out onto your hands and lap.

The jalapeños add the necessary kick needed by anyone desiring spice in this meal. One is not huge but the contents are heavy and can be quite filling especially with meat. It might be ten times the price as those found a few countries south of here, but for what it is and where you purchase it, the deal is a good one.

DUMBO Brooklyn
145 Front Street (Summer 2014 location)

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