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29 April 2014



At the end of the 1800's Paterson, New Jersey was a class above the rest in the production of silk and became known as the "Silk City." The downtown area is now the destination for all range of Latin American immigrants, and is a destination for people seeking to eat from countries like Perú. On bustling Market Street is Griselda's, a popular restaurant with two sides that connect in the back.

The furniture inside is cute and probably picked up from a yard sale at a church banquet hall, while plastic sheets are draped over tables and chairs.

Before anyone spoke to us, they plopped down the salty roasted corn (below) with green salsa, and fetched the one person in the place that spoke a little English before they knew I could speak Spanish.

Pre-meal hors d'oeuvres.

The caldo de gallina ($7, below) seemed appropriate for the brisk day, and was very comforting indeed. The linguini noodles inside the salty broth were accompanied by dry chunks of chicken that we mostly ignored.

Nothing is green about the tallarin verde ($15, below), which comes out with more linguini noodles and a creamy huancaina sauce. The thin steak that comes with it is very well marinated but a little tough.

Coming with both the tallarin above and anticuchos ($7, below) was a hunk of delicious fried potato which might have been our favorite aspect of the meal if we were not so high class. The slices of veal heart however were the most disappointing and needed a good slather of the green sauce to liven them up. The cuts they used for us were very tough and ruined the marinade, which has a lot of potential on a nicer piece of meat.

As we were digging into our plates, a Peruvian family of five sat down at the next table and spoke English with each other since their teenage daughter was dating a white guy, who seemed fairly excited about the upcoming meal. We were not around to see what they ordered, but I would have loved to have been in a larger group and had the chance to sample more on offer here.

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