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18 November 2013

Kowloon Cafe


Like most restaurants of this style, Kowloon Cafe offers a menu so grand and all-encompassing that it reads quite intimidating. Most customers know what they want from the minute they walk in, so inevitably the server will come to ask what you want less than a minute after seating you.

We ask for a few minutes and continue reading as the lime green glow around us offers plenty of light. The menu has a broad range of Hong Kong and Cantonese favorites, as well as the pasta and western dishes that always seem to be present when a place describes itself as Hong Kong style.

I thought it wise to start off with the namesake dish and ordered the Kowloon Cafe fried rice ($8, below), a plate that turned out to be quite tasty. The rice is not oily at all, and is prepared with bacon, tiny fried fish, shrimp, peppers, egg, and onion, has multiple textures, and can be spiced up as pleased.

Tomato & egg ($5, below) over rice is a staple of any Cantonese menu and here is probably the sweetest I have ever seen. The rice helps counter this though, and as always, a good feeling of comfort is awarded to the diner of this meal.

In the middle of the afternoon, we were only one of three filled tables, but you could tell the staff was preparing for a crowded dinner as they all chipped in to cut vegetables and prepare for later.

🇭🇰 🇭🇰 🇭🇰

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