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03 November 2013

Hungarian Food & Pastry Fair

For all scenes from this event, held on November 2nd, 2013, CLICK HERE

Stepping into the Calvin Hall of the Hungarian Reformed Church is a bit like stepping into the 1970's. Everything and everyone seems to warped straight from a few decades ago, happy to eating their home foods no matter if they are first or second generation immigrants.

Tickets are sold in 50 cent denominations, so you need to buy a few strips to get started, and divvy them up as you go along. They can be used for all the dinner items, the sweets, coffee, and even at a makeshift bar manned by one surly gentleman. Sun streams through the windows of the building, pleasantly lighting the space and mood. You may have to wait a while to get the attention of the lovely ladies taking orders, but it's no problem as it is just nice to be here. Kids run back and forth around the room, but don't scream too loud.

Apricot cookies

After waiting some time, a bunch of luke warm plates arrive on the table. Everything is delicious and very homemade. Here is a selection of what our group had at the 2013 event:

Chicken paprikás with dumplings

Stuffed cabbage

Székely gulyás

Cabbage noodles

Kolbász sandwich

Poppy seed bread

Cheese, apricot, and strawberry crepes

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