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14 November 2013

[CLOSED] Henry's Express Coffee Shop



That's right, this is filed under Korean food. You might walk by Henry's, a small deli on Henry Street just south of Atlantic Avenue and next to Splendid Japanese restaurant Hibino without thinking twice, that is if you were not in the mood for a turkey club. But the sandwich board out front promises homemade Korean food at the top, and thus warranted a quick stop.

The place is open for breakfast and lunch, and probably has served the staff at Long Island College Hospital during much better times. Along with jerk chicken and teriyaki, the menu also promises bibimbap and bulgoki, Korean staples that seem decidedly out of place here. The friendly Korean proprietor lends it all a grain of authenticity though, and about ten minutes after ordering, good meals come out.

The star here is definitely the bibimbap, ($9.95, below), a vegetarian rendition with a fried egg plopped right on top. He'll remind you to mix everything together even if you are in the process of doing so, and always tell you that you have not added enough hot sauce to the mixture. I was not expecting to be wowed here, but this dish is actually really good.

If asked, say YES to white rice and NO to yellow.

Less attention grabbing but still pleasantly comforting is the bulgoki ($9.95, below), a healthy portion of beef served over rice and with a leafy salad. The meat is definitely not top grade like you would find in a Korean restaurant, but it is still well-marinated and tasty.

I have not tried the normal egg sandwich breakfasts and cold cuts here, and probably will not when this good stuff is available. If anyone tries the jerk chicken one day, let me know how that goes.

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