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24 September 2013

Lechonera La Piraña


With a schedule only a local resident could appreciate, this little Bronx trailer is still worth trying to find on a nice weekend afternoon. It has a bit of a now you see me, now you don't attitude, and trips here should always have a plan B just in case.

The specialty of the house is of course lechón, a roasted suckling pig, and this place does it right. Order a portion and watch it get hacked with a machete right in front of your eyes. They serve it a few ways and have a small assortment of side dishes and pastelillos on offer.

Have you ever been in a food trailer before?

The lechón below was ordered with their ensalada de mariscos, a beautiful ceviche-like scoop added to the mix. Combined with the salty crispy skin and juicy pork ribs and belly, the dish has the ability to take your breath away. The rice (arroz con gandules) is just a filler and unfortunately the weakest link.

The alcapurria con carne ($2, below) is a pastry made from plantain mash and deep fried to a pleasant crisp. This version comes with well-seasoned ground beef in the middle.

Everything is made fresh here each day, the meat cooked off-site (very close) and brought over in limited amounts. Because of that, I would never expect it to be open too late in the day, so come early for lunch and bring an appetite.

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