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21 September 2013

BZ Grill


I do not know the history of the building, but I have always found the little yellow extension that is BZ Grill to be somewhat amusing, sticking its nose out onto Astoria Boulevard offering simple and quick Greek fare. The place is mostly workaday, couples with thick New York accents and a long history in Astoria seem to like it here more than the neighborhood's newer dwellers.

My only complaint is that the space is a touch on the dirty side. Entire meals seem to have been wiped off onto the floor, and the fly population is very appreciative of this. One couple had to switch tables to avoid the insects.

But the food, the reason we came in the first place, was good. It is not elaborate or ornate, it just aims to please. The Greek salad ($9.41, below) is very good looking and a bit more saucy than usual. I found the vegetables less crisp than you usually tend to see. The feta on top is great, and the oils they overuse are quite tasty though, so this dish immediately disappeared when it arrived.

The platters here are all enormous, so we decided to just get one and an extra sandwich, knowing we could never eat everything on two large plates. The chicken fillet platter ($13.32, below) comes with puffy yellow rice, some sliced vegetables, pita bread, tzatziki, and an eggy lemony dressing that comes off a bit like mayonnaise (in a positive sense). I spread this creamy sauce on every bite of the chicken, as well as the lamb from our other dish.

The chicken has a beautiful and tasty char to the skin, and the combination of flavors on this plate is really a triumph for how seemingly simple it looks. The white meat is just a touch dry.

The pork gyro ($6.66, below) meat however, is actually amazing. The nicely crispy pita also has some tzatziki in it, but lends itself well to the lemony sauce as mentioned. Obviously fresh off the spits up front, this has that great texture combination of soft and crispy that you get from a spit that is turned up high and sees a lot of orders.

The textures inside the pita.

If you wondering about all those funny prices, it seems they enjoy their final bills to add up to even numbers once tax is included, and sure enough, that was the case.

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