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16 December 2011

Estrella de Mexico


[UPDATE: Has now gone through two name changes but remains under same management. Xochimilco became Villa Hermosa became what is now Estrella de Mexico]

I had written down Xochimilco Bakery in my notes from a walking exploration tour of West New York and Union City a couple years ago and was pleased to see it still there when I rounded the corner this past weekend. It is undergoing some changes though, which are not yet reflected outside on the signage, but walk inside and you won't find many baked goods any longer.

The new Villa Hermosa is focusing more on prepared hot foods, starting at 6am everyday for breakfast with a full list of hearty egg dishes.

They also have a large menu with antojitos, tortas, and full plates. We had a full day of exploration so just ordered a couple small things, one of which never came as the kitchen might seem a bit out of order at the moment. We could not resist this agave wine ($2.50, below) that was found in the refrigerator, a 5% alcohol drink that turned out to taste exactly like wine that has sat on your counter for over a week.

The food that we did have, fortunately, was delicious. A single taco al pastor ($2.50, below) is very well spiced and large, making it a good deal. A plate of three will run you $6.99, and this seemed to be the lunch of choice for the others dining in the place.

The highlight for me was the homemade salsa they brought out to accompany the food, which was orange in color and full of texture and taste. It was not the hottest thing we have ever tasted, but very complex.

Turning over the menu to the back, you will also find a list of six Ecuadorian plates, which I found interesting. The neighborhood does not have a lot of these restaurants, so it is probably just a small adaptation to the demographics of the area. We will stick to the Mexican dishes on our next visits though, as there is a lot more to discover here.


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  1. That looks delicious. I hope I can visit that place and taste that salsa in Villa Hermosa.


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