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26 December 2011

[CLOSED] Honduras Maya Restaurant


[UPDATE: CLOSED. This location now has the name "Palacios" and the flag of El Salvador on the awning, offering "Comida Centroamericana y mas"]

Every time I walk down Bay Street or turn the corner onto Victory Boulevard in Staten Island, I take a moment of pause for the vanished Honduras Patio Restaurant, which I considered to be the city's best Honduran food. When I first walked by Honduras Maya in West New York, it was a couple years ago, and any further research online was always met with the appearance that it too had passed on.

Thankfully it still exists, even if it is not cranking out as good of food as the Patio. It's a popular little place, full of families dining together and ordering plato tipicos.

The baleadas (above) are just a bit on the tired side. The sensilla (or simple) is a plain bean, cheese, and cream version and will set you back $2.50, while one with everything (below) is $3.50 and includes egg and beef.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for the many baleadas I ate while in Tegucigalpa, and while these are not really up to par with any of those, they still are a simple snack that does its job.

On the day I visited they did not have any montucas, which are similar to tamales, so we ordered the platano maduro con mantequilla ($3.50 below), a plate of fried sweet plantains with a side of cream.

It is also an enjoyable dish despite not being the freshest thing ever put into your mouth. On my next visit I plan to go straight to the basics and order that plato tipico, a large dish with beef, rice and beans, cheese, and avocado.

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  1. I've been looking for Honduran food in NYC. But are we really going to be able to find true mantequilla, queso frijolero, or cuajada?

  2. Hey David, if you like any of those things at a place you try, let me know. I'd be just as interested!


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