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28 December 2011

Geo Si Gi Restaurant


If I suddenly disappear one day, I think it would be wise to look for me in Korea. I have been spending quite a bit of time in the far reaches of Flushing these past couple months, and have not found a bad restaurant yet. I am really loving these specialty places that have a featured casserole dish that is the focus.

The focus here at Geo Si Gi is the gamja tang, described simply on the menu as a "pork loin casserole w/ vegetables," but so much more. The spine of the pig is in pieces in the bowl with delicious tender chunks of meat clinging to it, and the spicy broth contains some greenery, onions, peppers, and ground sesame.

The ladies working here will take care of the whole thing for you, bringing it to boil and then serving it into smaller dishes. The casserole above is technically for two people ($29.95), but could easily serve three as you get as much rice as you want and of course the small dishes of ban chan beforehand.

A piece of the meaty spine.

As you remove the meat from the bones, pile your evidence in the metal bowl provided for discard. As you continue your meal and everyone keeps adding, it becomes a good record and could be really impressive with a large table full of diners.

Just when we were already overwhelmed by the amount of food in front of us, they brought us a free steamed egg, something of a normality in Korean restaurants. It is always fluffy and enjoyable though, and was well received (and eaten).

Gamja tang can come in many varieties here, plain, with dried cabbage, pickled nappa cabbage, curry, and seafood. There is also a full list of add-ons on the wall written only in Korean, which we tried to get described to us, somewhat unfruitfully.

It all goes down well with plenty of bottles of OB Korean beer, as spicy food tends to do, so keep those coming as you gnaw on that spine.

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