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22 October 2011

[CLOSED] Ukraina


[UPDATE: CLOSED] When most people unfamiliar with Midwood get off the Q train at Avenue J, they venture less than a block to wait in line at Di Fara Pizza with everyone else. A short walk down the street rewards a traveler with many kosher options as well as a tiny Ukrainian deli that sells a selected amount of groceries and prepared foods.

The shop is a wonderful little place without the "normal" Russian character of being a little grumpy. The ladies here are very nice and answered all my questions as best they could. "What do you call that eggplant dish with the cheese and mayonaise?" I asked. With a little shrug, the answer came in the form of a question: "Eggplant with cheese and mayonaise...?"

I am a little unclear on pricing, but I think most of the prepared goods are sold at $5.99/lb, and the two items I purchased as well as a small dessert that is usually $1 all came out to a whopping $5.36, so things are definitely on the cheap here. The eggplant dish I mentioned earlier that also contained a shocking amount of garlic (above) was delicious, and layered like a miniature wedding cake with three levels.

The deli also carried a doughy pastry that looked like a samsa, and tasted like a samsa, and probably was a samsa (below). Filled with lamb, nice and flakey, and topped with white and black sesame seeds, the crispiness outside and succulence inside created a very nice bite.

A better look inside.

This is the type of place that I will definitely add to any regular circuit of the area that I cover, I look forward to exploring the rest of the prepared goods, which seem to change a bit day to day as other options were alluded to.

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