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01 October 2011

Copacabana Pizza & Grill


Pizza I am not so sure about, but Brazilians and other Astorians alike flock to Copacabana for their Brazilian buffet, which is modest in size, but very loved. The prices range from $5.99/lb if you just eat the hot/salad bar to $7.99/lb if you just eat the meat, which comes churrascaria style and is cut off for you as desired.

On my visit, I would have to recommend sticking mostly the salad bar. The rice and beans will please anyone, and farofa is so light you could eat a pile for cheap. The meats I had seemed to have been around for a while. The picanha was decent, tasted good, but was a bit tough. The chicken hearts seemed like they might have been cooking since yesterday.

It comes on good word though that this is the exception and not the rule, and I will definitely give this place further tries, as good, cheap churrascaria is a great find. The plate above AND a can of soda only cost me $7.68 total. And the atmosphere is right, a quick and casual place to have some Brazilian staples, pay by weight, eat, leave. I almost feel like I am back in Minas Gerais, despite the thoroughly Carioca name.

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