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25 September 2011

[CLOSED] A-Wah Restaurant



Somehow despite loving this place for a while now, I've neglected to write about it. Today we fix that, and A-Wah gets its due. In a serene place in the heart of real Chinatown, a place specializing in Hong Kong cuisine and really known for their "world famous" rice casseroles.

It is not a bad idea for your first time to order the house special Chinese sausage & mixed pork ($8.95, below), which like all the others comes in a very large dish. If you come with another person, you won't need two of these, and the server will most likely tell you this.

The dish is mainly rice, but delicious rice, with a crispy layer at the bottom touching the pot. The meats could not be described as plentiful, but are incredibly good. If you feel so inclined, you can add extra for $2 more. The list of types ranges in the dozens, so one could spend a good amount of visits trying what they have to offer.

The congee is good here as well, and the dried scallop plain congee ($2, below) is so dirt cheap that it almost begs to be on the table. At the very least it is good for a small bowl and then you get to take the rest home. It's salty and is very enjoyable to eat all by itself.

They also do vegetables well here, usually smothered in a garlic slime like the sauteed baby bok choy ($7.95, below). It is obviously a very simple dish, but thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended, as is the sauteed Chinese broccoli ($7.95).

This place has been busy since opening a couple years ago, but seems to be catching on with non-Chinese now as well. A table full of Indians were having a family lunch on my latest visit, as were another table of English-speakers. Thankfully quality seems to still be at the same level.

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5 Catherine Street
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  1. I am not a fan of Chinese Cuisine but my mother is. She is at New York and next month she will celebrate her birthday. I will suggest to her to inquire to A-Wah Restaurant for a catering service.


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