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16 August 2011

Jalisco Tacos


Jalisco Tacos has all the makings off a great Mexican antojitos restaurant, except one. It has the small, humble stature, the friendly staff, the limited and concentrated menu. But what it lacks, unfortunately, is the exceptional ingredients, at least for more interesting items like tongue and tripe.

Other diners came in ordering chicken and pork and beef, nothing too irregular, and I advise to follow their lead. Their large and overstuffed tacos ($2.75 each, below) are a good deal for the amount you get. The lengua (tongue) is filled with large chunks, but they are below average and strangely all the tacos come topped with shredded American. He asked me if I wanted yellow or white cheese and was sad I picked white since it had already been applied. The queso blanco that covered it only slightly reduced this oddity. Also unexceptional was the tripe, but I do think any chorizo, bistek, or pollo would be better.

Luckily there was a nice carne enchilada on the tostada ($2.75, below) I ordered, which was much more enjoyable. Also topped with fresh tomatoes and a delicious cream, the tostada was nice, even if the shell was a bit stale.

East 138th Street in Mott Haven is spotted with small Mexican groceries and a couple places to eat. It will be worth investigating further.

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214 Saint Anns Avenue
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