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15 August 2011

[CLOSED] Renacer



[UPDATE: The owners have either changed or changed the name from Cumbre to Renacer]

La Cumbre translates literally as "the peak" but is also the name of a mountain pass in the Andes, 22km north of La Paz, and the beginning of the beautiful Choro Trail for hiking. The spectacle here on Woodside Avenue is one of slightly less natural beauty, but my faith in the cuisine of Bolivia has certainly been improved after climbing this mountain.

A Bolivian flag waves in front of the shop and a hodgepodge of traditional decor is mixed with other random items that seemingly could turn this place into a disco. Eventually the server turned on the gigantic flatscreen and popped in a DVD that played typical Andean Bolivian music videos. They were still tidying up after a party for the Bolivian community the previous night that were celebrating the country's independence day.

Always order yourself at least one salteña (below) per person.

I toasted to Bolivian independence with their national beer.

We received a free round of small glasses of mocochinchi, a very popular dehydrated peach cider, which is available in pitchers here. While I would not call the drink refreshing, it was quite tasty and complemented the tastes of the meal well.

During lunch the restaurant is fairly sleepy, but offers a great lunch special that includes a soup and main for $9. I recommend this option for your first visit if possible, as two diners can then share four items and get a larger sample of the menu.

Some views of the soups:

Sopa de mani

Bolivian is a cuisine not consumed with subtlety, not that complex. It concentrates on wholesome, satisfying ways to intake calories. Meat and potatoes and corn are important staples.

Some views of the mains:

Falso conejo

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