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01 June 2011

Pat's Hubba Hubba


This place was easily summed up by the ironic t-shirt the chef was wearing, that read "It's not a beer gut, it's a fuel tank for a love machine." The walls and ceiling are lined with $1 bills with messages from past customers, and the "menu" is a series of paper plates tacked on the wall behind the counter.

It seemed appropriate to have a hot dog here, as well as chili, so my first selection was simply to combine them, throwing in a slice of cheese as well. The hot dog with chili & cheese ($2.75, below) is quite good, the dog split and grilled crispy, and even the bun toasted.

The chili here is simply ground beef and peppers, and is plenty spicy. I would probably not prefer this over more complex chilis to eat alone in a cup, but it makes a good topping for all the various items. In the mood for more of that, I also got a small order of chili cheese fries ($3.25, below), which were not as satisfying, but still nice. Unfortunately the fries here are of the frozen variety.

Ask for a water, and you will be presented with the cup below. A pink tint is achieved by a "splash of fruit punch" and I am unclear on the origin of this one. Various places call it either Texas water or Hubba water, but either way it adds a certain charm and uniqueness to the meal. Free of charge.

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