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19 June 2011

[CLOSED] Cafe Izba



Deep into Brooklyn lies a very quaint and quirky Russian restaurant that has themes of countryside and friendly decor. Stepping inside Cafe Izba is a welcome relief from Coney Island Avenue, even if the service is a little lacking and could leave you stranded at a table despite being the only customers. Par for the course for this type of restaurant, in many ways.

The restaurant cooks very comfortable foods, rich and salty and warm, good for cold weather. Come on a cold day and the place is probably going to be cold inside and you will need these qualities.

I could not help but order the beef stew home style ($11.95, below), which promised a doughy bread on top of a stew served in a clay pot. It is a wonderfully unique dish, and the beef stew very hearty.

Unremarkable is the chicken breast ($10.95, below), served with fries and a bland sauce. The chicken is fairly tender and juicy, but just doesn't have any emotion in it.

Skip the breast and instead get the medallions veal with mushroom sauce ($11.95, below), if not only for the interesting name. You can trust Russians to do a mushroom sauce well, and the mashed potatoes just seem much more appropriate as part of a plate here.

As you might expect, you can get a glass of compote ($1.50, below) to wash it all down, and a pot of tea ($4) for the table to follow your meal if you want.

The restaurant is prepared to host your dinner parties as well and will serve bottles of vodkas as well as one "red" and one "white" wine, which you get the sense are not ordered much.

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