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27 April 2011

Buddhist Missionary Society New Year


If possible, I never miss the opportunity to eat Burmese food here in New York, partly because it is so rare here, and partly because it is just so good. The latest gathering of New York's tiny Burmese population was at the hands of the Buddhist Missionary Society, celebrating their New Year's with a small event. It was held in P.S. 222 in Jackson Heights, but these events tend to bounce around from school to school each year.

Monks were on hand to talk to, and some delicious mont hinn ga (below) was prepared to each diner's preferences: no spice, medium, and spicy. It's a fish noodle soup that combines the tastes and textures of many ingredients, like many dishes of Burmese cuisine.

Oh how I wish there were Burmese restaurants abounding all over town. The people are always so nice at these things, explaining everything to us just in case anything was new, and welcoming with open arms. To be expected from the most gentle and peaceful of all religions, I suppose.

There was also a dessert table, and you could get a plate of assorted sweets. These were all delicious as well, with banana and coconut flavors ruling the day.

Everything was free of charge, but donations were accepted and appreciated. They were not at all pushy about this and very thankful for what we could give. They even had nice t-shirts to give out!